Frequently Asked Questions

S & S Pest Control – Since 1976

What areas do you service?

We service Chester County, PA · Montgomery County, PA · Delaware County, PA · Philadelphia, Pa. Contact us with questions about a specific location.

What types of animals do you handle?

We can trap, set baits, and remove all types of wild animals and rodents ie. rats, snakes, bats, squirrels, opossums, birds, skunks, and nests of all kinds.

Are you available for emergencies?

Absolutely! We are available 24/7. Our experienced staff has a response time of less than one hour in most cases.

What happens to the animals that you trap?

We pride ourselves on being a no-kill facility. Each animal is humanely trapped and relocated. We are licensed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission and follow all laws in regard to rabies vector species.

What do i do if there is a bat in my house?

If there is a bat in your house or business, DO NOT go near it. Close it up in the room or building and call us to come to remove it. The animal may need to be tested for rabies, which we can have done. Anyone who has been in contact must seek immediate medical attention.

What about dogs and cats?

We can come set live traps for feral cats.

For dogs, you will need to contact your local police department for further guidance.

Do you offer squirrel control?

We do offer squirrel control and have certified experts in that field.

What if there's a deceased animal on my property?
Call us! We will come and safely remove any deceased animal on your property.
Can you remove nests such as hornets or bees?

Yes! We can handle all types of nests including hornets, bees, & wasps. Give us a call before you try to disturb any nest you find.

What if an animal leaves damage to my home?

You are in luck! We offer services to repair damages left by wild animals to your home.

Can you handle snakes?

Yes! It is not unusual for us to get a call that there is a snake in someone’s bathroom or laundry room. We can remove snakes and offer a granule chemical to put down to keep them away.

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